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Do you want a second opinion or just want to give some visibility to a cherished idea? This might be the place and these are some of the ideas we tend to like:

  • Turnarounds that are turning
  • Cyclicals with downside protection
  • Forced selling of good businesses
  • Special situations

We want real fat pitches, situations that have real upside potential with downside protection in the Munger,  Lynch,  Pabrai, Tepper, tradition. Guard up, chin down, looking for a chance to connect the killer combination… and always protect yourself

Just reply to this post below. Ideas submitted have to include a thesis. It does not have to be long, one line per each item suffices but it has to include:

  1. The idea
  2. Edge: why do you think it is mispriced?
  3. Catalyst: how are we going to profit from the mispricing?
  4. Downside protection:  how bad things can go?
  5. Upside: 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x? how many years?

To follow the discussion you can subscribe to the comments RSS. To contact me send an email to variant dot perceptions at gmail dot com